A top view of men's big shoes kept on wooden plank
A side view of men's slipon big shoes made in black leather
A back view of men's big shoes made in black leather
Sole side view of men's big slip-on shoes made in black leather
A side view of black leather men's slip-on big shoes showing stitching details
A top view of black leather men's slip-on big shoes kept on bricks

Graceful Epic Black Leather Slip-on Shoes

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This impeccable pair of slip-on shoes have serious dapper and dignified appeal in every sense. Take every step with simplicity and confidence as you walk in these formal shoes made of full-grain black leather. This made to measure pair has vital attributes such as soft thick memory foam, full cushioned leather footbed, and comfortable soft leather lining. Pure leather upper and the pure leather lining will keep your feet comfortable throughout a day.

This pair is supported by high-quality rubber sole having grooves to provide super ground grip. This pure natural rubber sole also has good shock-absorbing properties. Walker Styleways understands each and every detail and hence each pair of shoes has curved stiffener at shoe back for ankle and heel support. This stiffener also helps to keep the back of the shoes in shape and been molded according to feet curves for extra comfort. 

It takes 7-10 days of hard work to make a well-crafted pair of shoes that are very comfortable and just made for you.

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