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Our journey started when our Founder Mr. Manish Bhagwani, Industrial Chemist by education & an IIT Kharagpur Alumnus started observing a gap the market could not fit. He wanted a pair of shoes that should fit his wide feet comfortably and for that he had to do lot of shop hopping to get right fitted shoes but to his surprise he could not; simultaneously he found his cousin also face the same problem. He began his research and realized that ill fitted shoes not only cause discomfort in feet but also leads to long term toe joint pain and fatigue in feet, corns, blisters and severe problems like hammer toe. After knowing so many bad effects of ill fitted shoes, he was not comfortable to settle for ill fitted shoes, that's where he realized, he need to solve this issue for many people like him.


With few years of experimental selling online, understanding the shoe life cycle, raw materials, production, design, fitting hiccups & peoples difficulties, he started visualizing a new future for the people. His vision became vivid and got transformed into Walker Styleways - Best Fitting Shoe Partner For Doers Who Need Comfortably Fitted Shoes In Best Designs".


With this mission in mind today he has set up a dedicated team of professionals those understand customer needs and hence offers many different possible sizes and widths that would fit any one’s need. Each Custom-made shoe, manufactured on made to order basis, gives a high value proposition to the customers and help them feel free from daily feet tiring. We believes MTO (made to order) concept does a lot good to the nature as well, it saves abundance of resources & inventory.


The future Walker Styleways is living is to be a highly innovative company that has created excellence in Design, Fitting & Raw Materials. With a dedicated studio set up for Custom Shoe Making at Agra, We are busy creating new designs and innovative concepts most of the time. 


Manish Bhagwani- Founder of Walker Styleways     

Manish Bhagwani
Founder at Walker Styleways

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