Frequently Asked Questions

What is Made to Order Custom Made Shoes?

A Made to Order (MTO) Custom Made Shoes is a Zero Inventory Model where we craft pair of shoes only when you place order for it. For example – You measured your feet and your fitting comes as 44 Extra Wide. In this case, we will start making the shoe from scratch which will be uniquely made for you. You can add any special instructions as this shoe pair will be especially crafted for your feet.

You can experience our Creativity, Caliber and Capabilities in our Custom Made Range. We just love to make some awesome shoe designs and display them on custom made collection to receive Made to Order from Shoe Lovers.


How many days does it take to make hand crafted custom made pair of shoes?

It generally takes 10 days to 14 days to make a handcrafted pair of shoes. Sometimes we need clarification from customer and we do call/email for that, it takes time for customer to also come back that is why we keep little extra time to give the best experience.

Do you customize orthopedic Shoes?

We are not into Orthopedic Shoes as of now. Making them online without medical assistance is little difficult. However, we are offering 52 kind of fittings overall and if you want to use some insert for some reasons and would need to have space for them in your custom made shoes then please let us know about it. Many times getting right fitted shoes first and then inserting outside inserts makes shoes ill fitted. Please do discuss in case of such concerns.

There is instruction text option available at the checkout to place your instructions if any.

We cannot make one heel higher to balance feet differences as this is medical condition and we are not expert of it.

We can accept instructions like make extra shine finish, dull finish, more two tonning, three tone effect or no tonning effect etc.