Feet Measurements are Important, and Here is Why?

When was the last time you measured your feet to know your shoe sizes? What?! You have not measured your feet since years?


Foot shape and size can change in small but meaningful ways throughout adulthood. Lots of research have been put through in couple of decades which reveals men’s average shoe size have increases from UK 8 D to UK 10 E where D being the standard width and E being wide width. So if you are buying a pair of shoe referencing your feet measurement you got decade back, it's time for you to re-measure your feet as the size probably would have changed.


Do you know that 60% of the population has Non-Standard feet sizes? In a multiple surveys, more than half of the women and one third of the men agreed buying shoe sizes which don't fit them. Also please be aware, your feet measurements vary throughout the day and it is the maximum during the evening, therefore if you have bought the shoes anything but the evening, the shoe probably is a misfit.


Are your shoes causing you pinched toes or calluses?

Do you feel pain in your feet, while wearing your shoes for long hours?

Do you have slightly blisters or corns on your feet?

Do you suffer from mild or chronic pain in your toe, ankle or back?


If the answer to any one of the above questions is "Yes", chances are you have a "Shoe Size Misfit". Don't worry even if this being the case, "The problem isn't you, it's your SHOES."


Amongst the 60% of the population who have non-standard feet sizes, a major chunk happens to be people who have one foot bigger than the other. Let's assume, your right foot size is UK 8 wide while your left foot size is UK 9 standard and if you happen to buy a UK size 8 standard, then your left foot toe fingers will pain because you are wearing a shoe of shorter length while if you choose a UK size 9 standard, then your right foot toe bones will pain as you are wearing a shoe with a lesser width. The persistent wearing of above will exaggerate your concerns by causing acute problems like feet deformities, hammer toes and back pain.


Through all the above, we are just trying to indicate it is extremely important to measure your feet regularly and only buy WELL FITTED CUSTOM MADE SHOES.


“At Walker Styleways, we have taken up the mission to provide every customer "AN EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE" Custom made right fit shoes. Our company makes elegantly designed comfortable formal and dress custom shoes. As you scroll onto our website, you will be asked to take your "Feet Measurements" wherein you identify your shoe size based on the length & WIDTH of your feet, capturing 3 dimensional aspects of your feet in order to provide with right fittings.”

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