Why We Started Walker Styleways-A Custom Made Shoe Brand?

Did you know, it is estimated that the world manufactures more than 20 billion shoes on a yearly basis, out of which almost 300 million ends up in landfills or are dumped in rivers. The prime reason is the fact that the footwear industry is inclined towards befitting every foot with a standard size. They can’t or don’t want to understand that every foot cannot fit into a small set of standard sizes. They are producing billions of pairs of shoes that either doesn't reach the right feet or the worst of don't fit people at all.

They are driving this disastrous impact on the planet and causing a massive environmental impact on the entire ecosystem.

Before the Industrial Revolution, Shoe design and manufacturing was considered to be a craftsman's work of art, where the cobbler used to design the shoe as per the need of the customer.

The Industrial Revolution bringing great prosperity for the world also ensured two drastic changes for the footwear industry. First, shoe manufacturing no longer remained to be a work of art, while it transformed into bulk production of limited standard sizes. Second, the manufacturers cared more about economies of scale while not caring about the one “who” would be wearing them. They are not in touch with the end-customer to hear their problems. To top it all, since these shoes were already produced, they had to forcibly push the stock by flooding the markets using fashion trends. The entire bulk manufacturing practices lead to the extra production of shoes that couldn't cater to the right feet at the right place, making a sizable waste of man-hours, operational & financial inefficiencies causing a considerable environmental footprint.

With the advent of technology being majorly the Internet, has made the world so hyper-connected. We need to reconsider, do we really need the bulk manufacturing practices? Can we switch back to the craftsmanship that prevailed in the footwear industry? can we switch back to more comfortable custom made shoes which were better for the environment and for the wearer?

We started Walker Styleways, A custom made shoe brand with a sense of pride and feeling to do better for all of us who are integral parts of this environment. 


With Gratitude,

Walker Styleways Team,

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  • Mohit

    The shoes speak the story. Have been a regular user of the shoes since the last couple of months and despite reminders from the WS team that the shoes have to be worn for a shorter duration of 4-5 hours, I have been taking them out to complete my daily goals of 10K steps in and around the office. The shoes really stand by their commitment to Great Comfort. Trust me, I can vouch on that.
    Kudos to Team Walker Styleways!!!

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