5 Reasons: Why Made-to-Measure Shoes are better than Ready-Made Shoes

The choice of customization is always something that makes the existing offer better and effective; take an example from your grilled sandwich to your coffee or your bedroom furniture to your drawing room wall color and even your wedding attire to the Smartphone case. The element of customization fulfills the basic human need of being cared for. The effort which goes into customization is justified because it caters to the uniqueness of each and every customer which eventually leads to customer’s value-driven satisfaction.

The core philosophy of Made-to-Fit Custom Made Shoes differentiates itself in the following manner:

 1. An extraordinary level of Comfort

We all know 60% of us have non-standard feet size, meaning many of us are probably being forced to wear shoes that have been designed on standard sizes, which takes out the element of “comfort fit” `from the equation and eventually leading to multiple healthcare concerns. A Made to Fit Shoes requires individuals to take their feet’s length & width measurements in order to cover the 3-dimensional aspect to provide Shoes that are the RIGHT FIT. A Custom Made Shoes solves the external problems of comfort and fittings but also reduces internal frustration builds up due to continuous pain in your feet.

2. Great Value for Money

It has been accepted in multiple surveys conducted across the world that most of the men and women pick wrong shoes, thereby making the shoes useless, and impacting immensely to the customer’s pocket and the environment. A Made to Fit Custom Made Shoes ensures the right fit in the first instance, eventually saving money, effort and time and making it Value for Money.

3. A sense of Purpose in each pair of Shoes

A Custom Made Shoes are always crafted keeping the customer's requirement, this leads to a feeling for the buyer that the shoes are being made specially keeping me at the core of the process. There is always a sense of correlation between the craftsman designing the Shoes and the person for whom they are being designed.

4. Social Benefits

300 million pairs of shoes get dumped in the ocean or in landfills globally every year, harming the environment acutely just because the shoes could either not reach the right feet or didn’t fit them well or stayed on the shelves as the fashion trends changed. The raw materials and the man-hours being invested in manufacturing the shoes are wasted when any pair of shoes are discarded for any reason. A good quality Made to Fit Shoes fits you well, ages gracefully, and walks with you like a companion.

5. Commercial Benefit

Off the shelf Shoes made using bulk manufacturing practices certainly brings down the product cost but if you factor in other costs like rental and maintenance cost of the warehousing facility & logistics cost in order to transport the Shoes from the manufacturer to the warehouse then to wholesalers/ super franchises and eventually to the retailers bumps up the cost for a pair of shoes. If you add up all the above and look at the holistic cost of ready-made shoes, it certainly is far more than custom made shoes. It is pretty clear that this additional cost shall always be charged to the end consumer.

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  • Rajesh Gaikwad

    A very good initiatives by Mr.Manish Sirjee. Will give more comments after trying the shoes.

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