5 More Reasons: Why Made-to-order Shoes are better than Ready-Made Shoes

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There are countless benefits of going for Made to Fit Shoes (Custom Made Shoes) over off the shelf one, but what stands out for us is the care for each and every individual's feet which provides exclusively crafted pair of shoes that fit your feet really well. As we previously also wrote on Walker Styleways Custom Made shoe benefits, we could also find 5 more benefits. 

1. Fashion Adaptive
The process cycle of a ready-made pair of shoes from raw material procurement to on the shelves display is approximately 6 months, ExpoRivaSchuh Riva del Garda, the Italian shoe festival happening in June for a year would require the ready-made footwear industry almost 6 months to bring the fashion to the market, which would ideally be the time for the next ExpoRivaSchuh Riva del Garda festival in Jan. In the custom-made segment, the day a fashion festival is hosted, one can have the latest fashion trends live on the website in the very next week. 
2. No Additional Warehousing Space Required
At Walker Styleways, as every custom made shoes are being crafted after a deliberate interest at the customer level, there is no inventory that is clogging up our warehousing space. We are direct to customer brand. We all know that every additional sq ft. of space that any business occupies for commercial purposes will have a huge cost to the environment as eventually, forests have to be cut down, birds and animals have to look for new shelters. So by supporting made to order in the footwear industry, you are also supporting our planet to be a spacious and diverse place. 
3. No Push Sale for Stock Clearance
In the current times, where every e-commerce platform is hunting for eyeballs, a custom-made approach would always have organic customer acquisition at its core, as it's not under the pressure of selling out its ready-made inventory, which leads to massive advertisement cost that eventually has to be borne by the customers. 
4. Zero Inventory
Did you know that the sole of a shoe deteriorates if it is left idle for 1-2 years even in the best of the conditions, so the pair of shoes live longer when it is being used rather than just being stored in warehouses or being displayed at shelves?

In Walker Styleways Made to Fit Custom Made approach, the orders get in the system only after the customer confirms the order; therefore every pair of shoes is made especially for you. There is no stock that has been lying around in the warehouse for 6-12 months. 
5. No Out of Stock
An average human spends a considerable portion of their day on the internet, and what waste of time would it be if you like something and can’t have it as it's out of stock. When you are buying Custom Made Shoes from Walker Styleways, it is always made at the request that enables you to get any design in any size which you like.
Once again, there are countless benefits of going for Made to Order over off the shelf one and Walker Styleways takes pride in doing the right thing for the people and for the ecosystem. So, the next time around, you are looking for a Custom Made Pair of Shoes, we would love to serve you at Walker Styleways. 
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